"Why choose Microsoft over Salesforce?" was asked of me recently. In this post, I will highlight a few details of my response.

I will be posting a detailed video to the Business Applications YouTube channel in the future (Subscribe to be notified upon release). Until then, below is a preview.

Both Salesforce and Microsoft offer vibrant ecosystems. However, Microsoft offers clear advantages to customers who are educated on the breadth of Microsoft’s ecosystem.

Facts that empower customer’s advantage with Microsoft:

Security in the Cloud

Microsoft spends more than $1B on cyber security annually.

Microsoft’s Security Operations Center processes 7 Trillion cyber events per day. (For nearly two decades, Microsoft has been turning threats into useful intelligence that can help fortify it’s ecosystem and protect customers.)


Office 365 + Dynamics 365 + LinkedIn = Better Together Customer Advantage

Microsoft’s LinkedIn network has 500+ Million active users and tight integration with Dynamics 365, Sales & Talent.

See a demonstration of how Microsoft’s Office 365, Dynamics 365 and LinkedIn are better together and give sales teams a unique advantage that drives more revenue.


Microsoft Research & AI Group / R&D

In the 25 years since its founding in 1991, Microsoft Research has grown to be a worldwide symbol of excellence in computer science. With over 1,000 scientists, engineers, and designers produce technologies that change the lives of people every day through their innovative software, systems, and designs.

The Microsoft Research group is leading award winning innovation in Artificial Intelligence and Systems. Full list of Awards here.

Additional note re the impact of Microsoft Research (source):

"The sheer scale of Microsoft’s involvement with academia bears mention. In our 25 years, we have published over 23,000 joint papers with over 22,000 authors from over 1,500 institutions outside of Microsoft. From 177 joint papers in 1992, the total has grown to over 6,300 published per year.

Beyond numbers, from collaboration comes real impact. From stream processing tools to the changing role of the internet, from HIV vaccine design to cryptography protocol verification, and from quantum computing to complex molecular networks, our collaborations touch every aspect of computer science, and its wider application for society."


Microsoft AI:

Read more: Microsoft Recently took the #1 spot in four AI leader boards simultaneously.

See a demonstration of Microsoft Dynamics 365 AI for Sales here.


Microsoft Partner Ecosystem - larger than AWS, Google, SFDC combined

Microsoft Partner ecosystem includes more cloud partners than AWS, Google and Salesforce combined and employs 17 Million people.

Statistics below via Microsoft Inspire partner conference (press pack).


We have Salesforce.

Many customer's chose Salesforce years ago. That's ok. However, much has changed in just a short period.

If you haven't looked at Microsoft recently, it's time.


Keep Salesforce (Microsoft is Agnostic)

Microsoft is agnostic. We realize you have data investments outside of the Microsoft ecosystem. However, that doesn't prevent you from creating value within the Microsoft ecosystem.

Like I said, much has changed. We prefer if you use Dynamics 365, however we realize you might have made investments outside of Microsoft.

The Microsoft Power Platform (above) and it's large ecosystem of software as a service (SaaS) connectors enable you to connect apps, data and devices in the cloud.

Microsoft has over 200+ Connectors (connect to everything from Adobe to zendesk).

Most popular connectors include Salesforce, Slack, Twitter, Dropbox, Google services, and more.

So keep, Salesforce, we can connect to it to create value with PowerApps and the Power Platform until you are ready to switch.

So What? Why does all of this matter?

These investments create an intelligent, adaptable and flexible ecosystem that creates a unique advantage for Microsoft’s customers. Customer's don’t have to build the infrastructure, integrate applications, hire the data scientists, or security experts.

As a colleague put it, “With Microsoft you are building on the shoulders of giants.” Those shoulders create the greatest advantage in the world and empower Microsoft’s customers to achieve more.


Forms over Data

At the end of the day, it's just forms over data. Meaning, whether you use Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics 365 you can create similar experiences.

The true value to your business is the ecosystem the platform resides in, the AI that it is infused with and the overall outcomes it creates for your business.


Microsoft's Mission

Microsoft's Mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.

Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella was recently named #1 CEO. Watch Satya Nadella present the Microsoft Mission for Dynamics 365, LinkedIn and Business Applications.


So, why else do customers choose Microsoft over Salesforce?

Let me know in the comments on LinkedIn. Thanks!

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