The other day I was reading the Microsoft Docs site when I came across an entry on embedding Canvas Power Apps. It is well known that you can embed Canvas Power Apps in Power BI Dashboards, Model-Driven App forms and Microsoft Teams.

The docs article also mentioned that you can embed Canvas-based Power Apps in websites.

Think about that for a minute. Imagine the power of bring a low-code platform to your public facing website!

Specifically for Power Apps Portals projects. There is a lot of functionality currently being built with Liquid and JavaScript. Not to mention companion apps that could easily be built with a low-code canvas Power App.

Ultimate Power

HOWEVER, at this time, canvas Power Apps still require a Power Apps Plan subscription and the user of the app will need to be at least a guest user in your Azure Active Directory.

See article here on providing guest access to canvas Power Apps.

That being said, there could definitely be use cases where embedding a canvas app on a Power Apps Portal would be useful. The process is actually very easy.

Note that canvas apps embedded on model-driven forms that are used as the basis of entity forms will not render on the portal. (The question has come up once or twice)

How to add a canvas Power App to a Power Apps Portal

I created a fairly simple canvas based Power App that will allow a user to create a class registration in CDS. There are one or two articles on the web to explain how to create canvas apps.

Registration Power App

The next step would be to note the App ID for the Power App. You can locate this in the Power Apps maker portal by going into the settings of an app.

Get App Id

The Microsoft Docs site provides the embed code that you need to insert into the Portal. I have included the snippet here;