As you are all maybe aware that the new cloud-powered Customer Search feature for POS was made available during CY2021-Q1.

By default, feature is not enabled and thus, all Customer Search related queries are happening on SQL but with this new feature all Customer Search related queries will be processed in the cloud using Azure Cognitive Search and not SQL anymore. Two major benefits - considerably better performance and great improvements in search relevance when looking up customers.

More information on this new wave of customer search experiences can be found here -

We are inviting you all to try this new feature in your customer's sandbox & experience the mentioned benefits. Upon their successful vetting of improvements, we can work with you & your customer's team to get this enabled for their production environments immediately. Our request would be to share information about sandbox environment(s) running 10.0.20+ we can check if it is eligible and with just a few steps you can enable it, so you can test and see it for real. Blush

Thanks in advance. Looking forward to enabling this on your customer environments at the earliest. Please feel free to reach out on this email, if you may have any further questions or concerns related to this feature.