In this post i will share how to export customized security data artifacts to an XML file through X++. An XML file that can be used as backup data source to be imported in a another environement or just making modifications into it (like renaming a security role / privilege / Duty) , and then import it via data security configuration feature.

Customizations always matter.. but exporting data also

When having secutiry changes in Dynamics 365 For Finance and Operations, we can face scenario to move security changes to another environement,  thing that can be done easily via Security Configuration page by using Data/Export feature.

Security can’t be always managed through the AOT

All security configuration changes in Dynamics 365 For Finance and Operations done in the UI, can’t be managed or changed via the AOT, but they can be exported via Export option.

The following code snippet help to export them from Finance & Operation environement and simulate the button Export in Security Configurations screen, by:

  • Exporting all security changes made in the UI.
  • Generate XML file.