If you ever tried to implement a process on the mobile device used primarily in warehouse, you'll have come across a class named WhsWorkExecuteDisplay. If you are not so fortunate, consider looking at the code. There are many software craftmanship lessons hidden here.

This class and its subclasses are not as extensible as we need – more so; implementing, troubleshooting and maintenance of this logic is not aided by the structure of the code.

We've been designing a replacement where these issues are addressed. We named it "ProcessGuide" – as it allows implementing a guide for any process, including warehouse and production. A process guide is conceptually quite like a classic wizard. You start the process, answer question(s), and eventually finish the process. Next, next, next, finish. Perhaps supporting a few routes through the process.

Going forward; you'll see more and more of the WhsWorkExecuteDisplay classes being obsoleted, as they are reimplemented as process guides.

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