This time of year, you may see a lot of funny badge icons popping up on people’s LinkedIn and Twitter. Typically, this stems from the community sharing their new D365 certifications. Certifications show you have the requisite skills and knowledge to manage, implement, and use a specific application or tool. Microsoft has certification courses and exams for all of their products.

First, you may be wondering what exams are available and how you go about preparing for them and then taking them. Luckily, all of the information is available through your Microsoft account. By logging into, you can find the learning paths for all of the Dynamics 365 certifications:

For each D365 application, you can browse learning content built specifically for that application, including diagrams, videos, practice exercises, and sample questions. Recently, D365FO has been split to Supply Chain Management and Finance. The SCM paths can be found here:

From there, you can also find and search for the certification Exams themselves. There are study guide outlines showing you what content to expect on the exam. For example, below is the breakdown of the MB-300 Dynamics 365 Core fundamentals exam:


For me, I needed a little more than just the outline. In full discretion, it had been about 5 years since I had taken an AX or D365 certification. It’s not that they are not important, or that I couldn’t, it’s just another priority that kind of got lost in the muck. I will say, however, the learning portals are quite good. Just make sure to read them carefully and thoroughly. The questions on the exam can be tricky if you misread a word or sentence. To help with the studying, there are some great members of the community helping out. For Finance and Operations/Supply Chain, MVP Kelly Kane of Ellipse Solutions, did an 8-part webinar series with Dynamic Communities breaking down each part of the learning module for MB-300. The first session in that series is linked here and the rest can be found on

If you are a user or consultant looking for a Dynamics for Sales certification, the content can also be found on the Microsoft learn site:

Emma D’Arcy has a great blog posting her take on the MB-200 exam over at

Hopefully, this content helps you in your journey on becoming certified. Best of luck all!!