The Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 Performance Toolkit is a toolset used by the Microsoft development teams when testing performance on Dynamics CRM.  The toolkit is a free download available at  It contains various tools that allow you to extend Visual Studio testing capabilities to accommodate CRM specifically including:

1.       ImportCustomization Tool

2.       DbPopulator Tool

3.       CRM_Perf_Benchmark Tool

The tool provides 133 out of the box tests that can be run against the core Dynamics CRM functionality, such as saving an Account, opening an Opportunity, or sending an email.  For custom screens or custom entities, we can create test cases in Visual Studio which can be tested with the toolkit.  These test cases can test a “use case” or end user test scenario that is important to the functionality of the business.

One caveat about using the Performance toolkit is that it requires a dummy Windows account for each user put into the test load.  The following prerequisites are required in order to do the training and implementation of the toolkit:

1.       Visual Studio Team System 2005 or 2008

2.       Dummy windows users for the number of users you want to simulate load with the same prefix and password and numbered from 1 to N (number of users).  For example, TestUser1:Access12 and TestUser2:Access12, etc.

3.       Download the CRM Performance Toolkit from