Here's to the folks who have been finding ways to export audit summary report from CRM. 

Apart from AuditExportManager tool in SDK and SSRS report , there is an another way through which you can pull out Audit report as excel. 

Steps to be followed :

1.Go to CRM Server 

2.Open SQL ->Connect to the respective database server and write the foll.query to retrieve the CRM users with Last Logon date


select MAX(a.CreatedOn) as lastlogon, UserIDName
from Audit a
group by UserIdName
order by lastlogon desc

3.Execute the query and in Results tab below, in top left corner of results ,right click and save the results as "CSV file" . 

4.Now CSV version of report is ready, Open and in excel ->DataTab -> Data tools group-> Text to Columns -> Delimiter and Choose txt.file (later you can change to ".xlsx" format by renaming) . Highlighted tabs below.

5.Audit Report can now be viewed in Excel format with quick steps .

Note: Query can be modified based on requirement .