Hello All,

Currently we are using Dynamics CRM (Not 365) in a customized manner which is not the ideal case of lead management. As we are a B2B company its obvious that we need to pursue multiple contacts from the same company to close a deal. Currently we have created a company profile under the "Lead" entity and put all the details of multiple contact persons in one description box. Moreover, the prospecting history, whether through cold calling or email, is maintained in another description box, which sometimes create confusion as all the conversation with multiple leads are maintained in the same box.

We wanted to migrate to Dynamics 365 for importing leads directly from 3rd party platforms like Zoominfo.

But we are not at all sure how we can implement the multiple lead management process.


The following image contains the available leads from a company. Managed in a description box.

The following is the conversation history of the company.

Although its a manual process, but we can see the information all together and can decide during the call whom to call and whom not to call. Moreover, while calling company numbers, we try to pursue maximum possible leads through the operator.

But as in Dynamics 365, if the leads are separated, and we have only the company number for 3 different leads, and a operator picks the call every time. How can we track the call history? From the list of all leads for a particular day, it may happen that we called the same company at 2 different times, for 2 different leads and the operator blocks us from further calling.

I know that most B2B companies are facing the same situation. Looking for an expert opinion on this.

Thanks in advance.