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Database Capacity FSCM / PowerPlatform

Posted on by 52
Hi All,
I need your swarm intelligence...
Following Situation:
We have several D365FSCM Environments created via LCS. 
I Also can see these Environments within PPAC:
The marked Environment is just a Test - Environment where we truncated some Tables with some trash data today in the morning. Now, about 4 hours later, I still see this usage. We truncated data with about a usage of about 50GB.
So I requested Access to the SQL - Database via LCS and had a look to the used Storage. The Storage is still as high as seen within the image above. 
I'm not able to shrink the Database or something else.
Am I making a mistake? Or does it take more time to maintainance and refresh in background?
  • Anton Venter Profile Picture
    Anton Venter 9,687 Super User on at
    Database Capacity FSCM / PowerPlatform
    Great, good to know it is reduced autmatically.
  • StefanFinke Profile Picture
    StefanFinke 52 on at
    Database Capacity FSCM / PowerPlatform
    Hi Anton,
    thanks for answering my question.
    Meanwhile the size was reduced.
    I just had to wait :)
  • Anton Venter Profile Picture
    Anton Venter 9,687 Super User on at
    Database Capacity FSCM / PowerPlatform
    Deleting data in the database does not automatically reduce the size of the database files and log files. It seems to be case, so I am assuming this.
    If the size of the database files / log files is not reduced automatically, you will have to try and shrink the database and the database files / log files. I have not tried this on Tier 2 environments so don't know if it's even possible or not. Many options have been locked down on the Tier 2 environments.

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