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Advice on scale of implementation

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Hi team,
We are in the middle of the selection of ERP solution for our company. It's the food process manufacturing industry that has 800 end users for ERP, 300 Concurrent users, and 1.15 million posting lines including orders, vouchers, and ledgers daily, Our size of DB is currently 12 TB, and all the above factors will increase 40% in the next 5 years.we require all the modules of Dynamic s 365 including F&O,SCM,FIXED ASSETS, Engineering, Catering module ,Analytics etc,
The question will our scale of operations be supported by DYNAMICS 365? Will the performance be optimum or better than oracle JDE (current ERP)
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    Advice on scale of implementation
    Dynamics 365 is capable enough to handle complex business scenarios. However, It is essential to do proper Discovery of existing business process which generates these much transaction. Even though it is possible to scale up performance with amendment of multiple Batch server, but most important part is what can be done to optimize no of business transactions.  Indeed, For Food industry, process manufacturing with formula based BOM configuration is OOTB supported within D365. But if you have complex process manufacturing which is not easily configurable in D365, best option is to use integrations.
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    Advice on scale of implementation
    for sure a Performance testing is needed to evaluate the behavior with your transaction load. As the workloads of postings and transactions should be separated and will be handled by several batch servers it is scalabe with the numbers of batch servers that are in place. Means 1.000.000 transactions will take seconds on one batch server, if you (in Production MS) assigns a second (or also a third, forth, ...) batch server and you organize the workload to be distributed to your available batch servers you can expect to have nearly the half (or one third, one quarter, ...) of runtime for handling this transactions. For sure there is some overhaed to calculate and organize the distribution of the wokloads to the batches, but basically it is scaleable in this way.
    So the number of batch servers is decisive (MS managed in Production) as well as the Batch organization that is handled by your own Sysadmin!
    Unfortunately batch organization is often not so much observed as it should be, but especially in high volume transactional environment it is the most very important task for continous running business processes. Kurt Hatlevik has written as very good blog posting how we could handle the batch organization to allow us to keep control over all the batches that will be needed for business operations. Batch Jobs; Take control of the executions | Kurt Hatlevik – Dynamics 365 Blog
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    Advice on scale of implementation
    FO is scalable and can adapt to growing data volumes, number of users, and transaction loads. In addition, FO provides many modules, including finance, supply chain management, asset management, etc. It can only be said that FO meets your needs, but comparing FO's performance with the system you are using requires detailed evaluation, including performance testing, etc. Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations Performance Best Practices | Microsoft Learn
    Best Regards,
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    Anthony Blake 937 on at
    Advice on scale of implementation
    Dynamics 365 for Finance can handle your data & user throughput, for performance benchmarks and examples you should reach out to Microsoft.

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