In the Select Bank Transactions window, when I mark a check to be cleared, I get the message "You can't mark the checkbox for this transaction because it has been voided."  What does this message mean?  What do I have to do to correct it?

This message means that the check that you tried to mark as cleared has already been voided in Microsoft Dynamics GP with a later date, so you will not be able to mark it as cleared (ie. cashed at the bank).   You can not clear a check and void it.  It has to be one or the other.   The reason it is showing up in the Bank reconciliation is because the check issue date is before the cut-off date used for the Bank reconciliation, but the void date for the check is after the cut-off date.  Therefore, you just need to carry it on the bank reconciliation until the void date is reached. 

If the Void date entered (shown below) is in the same month as the original check issue date (displayed on the left below) then the voided check won't be listed on the Bank reconciliation at all.  However, oftentimes the user will void a check from a prior period and the GL period is locked down, so they change both the Void date and GL Posting date in the void window to a current GL period date.   And this is fine to do.   In the example below, the check was issued on March 15th and voided on May 15th.  So the user just needs to understand that the check will show up on the March 31 and April 30 bank reconciliations, because it was not voided in the system as of those cut-off dates.  However, it will then automatically drop off the May bank reconciliation (in the month the void date is reached). 

So what does the user have to do to fix it?    The answer is NOTHING.  Carrying the check on the bank reconciliation as an outstanding item is the correct way to handle this and no further action is needed by the user.  The message is just an informational message to let the user know why that they can't mark the check as cleared, because it has been voided in Dynamics GP and in history, so they just need to carry it in the meantime.  The system knows how to carry it for you and will adjust the 'Adjusted Book Balance' total at the bottom accordingly to carry it as an outstanding item on the bank reconciliation.  So the user just needs to understand why it is being carried on the bank reconciliations and does not need to do anything to it.  Many times the user tries to mark it as cleared because they know it has been voided, and that is not the correct action to take.  The system will handle it correctly on those bank reconciliations in-between and it will magically drop off the bank reconciliation in the month the void date is reached.   The user should not be trying to mark it as cleared, unless it actually was cashed at the bank, in which case they will need to reissue it in Dynamics GP if it really was cashed at the bank and should not have been voided.  

I hope this information is helpful!  Thanks for reading.

Cheryl Waswick
Sr. Technical Support Engineer
Microsoft Dynamics GP Support - Applications Team