Good day everyone,

I have a simple question/observation, attached is the Item Stock Inquiry window. We have instances where our Industrial Sales department in order to facilitate a client may purchase an item to satisfy a Sale. The item is entered as an Inventory Item, there is a receipt and sale.

In the window to the left an item was received and sold on the same day, but the 'balance' next to the 'sale' is negative 2 (sorry the window in so small), also the 'sale' is viewed as the first transaction.

The second window shows another item which was received and sold but not on the same day. The receipt is the first transaction and the sale second.

The stock for either item is accurate, concerns were brought up regarding the negative quantity being displayed as a 'balance', as well as the 'sale' transaction appearing prior to 'receipt'. The historical trial balance shows the proper transaction path of 'receipt' and then 'sale', this is what was also recommended for reconciliation purposes.

My response regarding the concerns is that the positioning of the transactions in this window is determined by the document date and number.  

I have looked at other like transactions from this same window and this seems a reasonable conclusion.

Can this be regarded as accurate?