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Microsoft GP 2016 - No Collating

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Tracy S asked a question on 2 Nov 2018 6:11 PM

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We had a system issue an had to re-issue user names to our employees (basically reset everyone up) however; the issue we are finding is that we are unable to print in a collated fashion.

We've gone through all print setting outside and inside of GP and the collate check box is selected when 2 pages are marked; so when you print one document with two pages but request it to print twice GP then prints said document as 1,1,2,2 which is becoming an issue. 

Does anyone have any insight on this? We have gone into the forms printer but see no option there for that setup or adjustment either.

Thank you in advance.

Dan Peltier responded on 8 Nov 2018 4:51 PM
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What's your exact build in GP? This was a bug going back as far as GP 2013, there was a fix pushed in the January Hotfix that address some collation issues:

System Manager

Fixed issues with Uncollated printing.


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