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Understanding reputation points

Scott_iTalent Community Manager  | 

Reputation points are a useful way to track your contributions to the Community. They are awarded as you perform beneficial activities in the Community, and help all members learn about highly valued contributors.

Reputation points can be viewed in the following ways:

After a user's profile name wherever it appears in the Community.





On a Profile page.



You can also view your reputation points in relation to other members via the leaderboard.

Learn more about leaderboards and how they work.


Earning reputation points

Points in the Community can be earned by participating in positive ways that the Community finds valuable.

Here are the specific ways you can earn points:

ActivityPoints Awarded
An answer you provided was marked as Verified5 points
You marked a reply as Verified2 points
You authored a reply2 points
You received a Like2 points
You liked a post1 point
You reported a post and the Community Team approved your report1 point


A note about reputation points achieved prior to the platform migration

The Community migrated to a new platform in June of 2023. All points that members previously achieved prior to the migration have been retained, unadjusted. These points were not recalculated when they were migrated. Following the migration, all points received are scored via the new methodology, and then added to any pre-existing totals.