Companies require greater agility, adaptability, and ongoing innovation as customer demand for quicker reaction times rises. Today's businesses are becoming aware of the necessity for hybrid and cloud-based business solutions.

The businesses have created an entirely new working method by including additional software and tools for optimizing procedures and harmonizing coworkers. It not only helps the business grow, but it also helps to build good relationships with customers.

Why should you integrate Dynamics 365 F&O with Salesforce?

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O and Salesforce connector can automate crucial business processes and streamline your organizational data.

You could streamline lead-to-cash processes, eliminate data entry errors, and reduce overhead with the help of real-time, automated, and two-way integration between Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations with Salesforce.

The best part about integrating Dynamics 365 F&O with Salesforce is that it gives you better insights for streamlining sales channels, developing better customer relationships, and managing inventory productively and effectively.

With this technology, sales orders and quotes can typically be created in Salesforce in real-time and with only one click. It helps with enhanced insight provision for better client connections.

Another significant advantage of using this tool is that it allows for real-time synchronization of customer accounts, products, contacts, and pricing between Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations and Salesforce.

Salient features of Salesforce Commerce and Dynamics 365 Finance Integration

  • Order synchronization: By automating order sync between Salesforce Commerce and Dynamics 365 Finance ERP systems, users can drive business growth by minimizing order aging, increasing efficiency, and reducing the need for manual order re-entry. 
  • Customer synchronization: With bi-directional sync between Salesforce Commerce and Dynamics 365 Finance, users can maintain a centralized and 360-degree view of their customers. This allows you to better target and engage customers, provide self-help portals, and more. 
  • Shipments synchronization: By syncing relevant information from Dynamics 365 Finance to Salesforce Commerce, users can improve customer experience and loyalty by providing timely updates on order status and delivery timelines. 
  • Products/catalog synchronization: Provide consistent product information across channels with little effort; control information in one system and sync updates to the others to foster brand experience and build trust. 
  • Invoices and Payments Synchronization: By automating invoices and payment sync between Salesforce Commerce and Dynamics 365 Finance systems, you can ensure your company's long-term success and growth by effectively managing cash flow, invoices, and account receivables. 
  • Inventory synchronization: With access to accurate inventory in your Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations ERP system, you can better manage inventory, avoid overselling products, and quickly go omni-channel.

Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance + Salesforce integration

Integration between Salesforce Commerce and Dynamics 365 Finance benefits a company in numerous ways. 

  • Boost internal departmental communication and data accessibility: The integration improves data accessibility and communication between internal departments, customers, and suppliers. 
  • Eliminate data silos: With a single source, the users can share the data across your entire organization. 
  • Lower overhead: The integrations help to automate company procedures, boost supply chain management, and quickly evaluate HR performance. 
  • Prevent supply chain problems: The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Salesforce integration provide users with combined details of sales and SCM insights for better budgeting and forecasting. 
  • Boost your productivity: Enables users to increase operational efficiency by integrating customer and supplier data from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Salesforce. 
  • Minimize human errors: The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Salesforce integration eliminate human errors by providing clean data that can be used in supply chain management and sales forecasting. 
  • Improves customer experience: Provides your customers with the information they need to make informed decisions about inventory, orders, and shipments. 
  • Boost operational effectiveness: Reduces errors and improves operational efficiency by automating repetitive and inefficient manual tasks. 

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