Step 1. Create Sales Order, with Item as drop shipped and Freight Charged assigned.

Step 2: Go to Line Tab > Select Related Information > Item Charge Assignment

Before you can do this, you will need to define how this Item Charge will be spread across the items within the purchase, transfer or sales documents. You can do this by selecting the ‘Line’ button followed by ‘Item Charge Assignment’.


Step 3: This will open the ‘Item Charge Assignment’ Worksheet which will highlight any unassigned item charges.


Step4: From this, you can easily select the ‘Suggest Item Charge Assignment’ button in the ribbon.

 Once you have done this, it will then ask you whether you want to split the item charge across the items equally or by amount. Once you have decided on which option you want please select ‘OK’.

Step 5: After you have done the above, then select ‘OK’ at the bottom of the worksheet which will then allow you to process orders in the normal way but item charges will be posted to your defined accounts as specified by your general posting setup.

Step 6. Now Open Requisition worksheet, select Drop Shipment from Home Ribbon and then choose Get Sales Order


Step 7: Purchase Order is created after Carrying out Action




Step 8: Now go to sales order and Ship

Step 9: You will see quantity has been shipped in Sales Order and simultaneously received in Purchase Order

Step 10: Sales Order shows Quantity Shipped


Step 11: Purchase Order shows Quantity Received

Step 12: Now go to Sales Order, check Statistics .It shows Total amount inclusive of charges assigned


Step 13: Post Sales Invoice


Step 14: You can check posted Invoice, statistics will show you the Amount inclusive of Charges Assigned



  Step 15: Now Post Purchase Invoice

Step 16: Message will pop up on after Posting of Purchase Invoice

Hence Process of Drop Shipment has been completed with Charge assignment