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Finance forum How to automatically refresh form without datasource after clicking on OK button - D365F&O

Posted on by D365FO ERP Developer 208

Hi, i want to automatically refresh form lines when i click on OK Button for the credit invoicing in the free text invoice. how it can be done?NOTE: t...

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Finance forum Disable Batch Processing button on Batch dialog form of SysOperation Framework in X++ D365 F&O

Posted on by Rhushikesh R 736

Hi everyone,I have to disable Batch processing button, so that user cannot set it to No whenever dialog pops up.I am using SysOperationFramework.I tri...

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Business Central forum how to fix base Qty on warehouse entries

Posted on by paul22 54

Hello,  I am having issue with couple of Sku's where my bin contents are off due to wrong conversion to base qty. is it possible to fix base...

Finance forum Bank Statment status moves to Confirmed directly when we validate the imported bank statments

Posted on by NDK.365 32

HI Folks, I need your help in understanding the system behaviour in case of advance bank reconciliation. I am working on the 10.0.39 version. The...

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Finance forum Print destination 'Screen' not available in some legal entities

Posted on by Abhinay Tharwal 1,095

Hi, The option for print destination 'Screen' is visible only in a few legal entities.How to make it available for all the legal entities, what i...

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Business Central forum VS Code Debug Error

Posted on by Community member

Hi all, I'm facing issue on VS Code while debugging the code using F5 and Ctrl+Shift+F5 keys for AL code. Please suggest solution. Thanks! #VSCOD...

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Business Central forum How to Correct Postings when Company has been set up with Wrong LCY

Posted on by S2k_85 62

Hi BC Family, In a bit of a pickle here. A Entity has 100s of postings, correct postings in USD however it turns out when the ledger was set up t...

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Business Central forum Sell/Reserve Items w Serial Nos from items residing in "On Water" Location

Posted on by Community member 29

USECASE: User wishes to create Purchase Order for Item(s) and receive Purchase Order item(s) into Location /On Water/Location /On Water/ represen...

Business Central forum Restrict users from opening Charts of accounts page

Posted on by Perrett2311 22

Hi, I have a client request where they would like some users to have a restriction on the charts of accounts page. However, users should sti...

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Supply Chain Management forum Print custom label from mobile device, independent of work steps

Posted on by Community member 8

Hello,  Customer scenario: Items are picked against a license plate, using work template, for sales orders. Pick/put steps are com...


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