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Error on Security Metadata during GP Web Services Configuration Wizard

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Chad Bruels asked a question on 12 Jul 2018 11:47 AM
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ConfigurationWizard Error: 0 : ExecuteSystemTask (Install) --> **Exception: A loader exception has occurred.
Loader Errors:
- Microsoft.Dynamics.Security.InvalidSecurityContextException: Microsoft.Dynamics.Security.NonExistentSecurityObjectException : The security object does not exist.  Key = 25cc1a21-2cc4-4b13-a1c8-eea186fb688a

I am receiving this error during a the Configuration Wizard's process to add companies.


We are doing a production install of web services in an environment where we thought it did not exist at all. However, we have four GP companies and we found that the system database had web services objects (tables starting with 'WS') and 3 of the companies were listed in the WSInstallStatus table. We tried running the upgrade on those three companies and received the error above. We then ran the remove process on those three companies using the Configuration Wizard followed by trying to add all four companies. We received the error above again.

Chad Bruels responded on 12 Jul 2018 12:42 PM
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Stand down, Epically Wonderful GP Community.

We are dealing with an environment which was previously running a production instance of GP Web Services. It's installation was on a app server. While we were tasked with installing Web Services on the SQL server, we were not made aware of the existence of the installation on the app server. Our new installation on the SQL server was a higher build number than what was currently in use and we also missed seeing the current database for the security store - it was called WebServicesSecurity while the Dev server we were using as a template had it named GPWebServices. Again, we were under the impression they had only been running web services in dev and we were doing the first install to production. I believe since we were operating on companies whose install looked to WebServicesSecurity but that our new install was set to use GPWebServices that this was the source of the error. Apparently the client wanted to do a phased cut-over from the endpoint on the app server to that on the SQL server. Now they're accepting that the cut-over will happen, well, now.


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