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Is it possible to capture list of errors, in a continued way without terminating the process, if my code encounters error ???

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NAV Techie asked a question on 11 Jul 2018 2:27 AM

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Hello Everyone,

I have created a code unit which copies one table data into another table(record), I have given it condition as if it encounters any error it captures using "GETLASTERRORTEXT"  but the problem is it terminates the entire copying process if any field hits error ex. if the string length or data type differs., Is it possible to continue the copying process even after it hits an error?I want a list of errors in my error log table. 

Hannes Holst responded on 11 Jul 2018 5:41 AM
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You can capture errors with the return value of Codeunit.RUN:

If you include the return value and an error occurs, then the calling C/AL code continues to run. This means that you must handle any errors.

You need a function which loops through each field of your source record. The copy-process itself must take place in the 2nd codeunit (which you call with "bolSuccess := Codeunit.RUN".


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