I wish to loop through, retrieve and update items within my document

I wish to locate and loop through values within an array, locate nested values and then update them using LogicApps. I know I am on the right path, I just need a little assistance.


Here is the document. I wish to loop over A (it has many records in it) and retrieve all of the


                     "category": "1"



Once I retrieve the categories, I wish to loop over each one of the categories I find and then update their id and status


                         "id": "update"
                           "status": "update"



My approach and what I have done:



I believe I have to do a 'For Each' loop over the A's.
I am just not sure how to write in the logicApp that I want to retrieve all the "category" fields and then the fields within the box field.

Then once I obtain all the "category" fields, I must update the id and status within this array with
a string.

I want to change

"id": "update" to "id" : "number"

and change

"status": "update" to "status": "linked"

I believe I must: initialize, parse, and do a For Loop







I believe I must: initialize, parse, and do a 'For Each' Loop, but how do I tell the logicapp I wish to grab the "category" part of the "A" since its nested, and then once I have the "category" part to then update the nested fields of "id" and "status" within that?

Any help is great