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Alexander.C asked a question on 21 Jun 2017 2:13 AM


I am encountering this issue when I go to Transactions>Sales>Sales Batches and select a batch at the bottom of the window for example I have the number of transactions I have in that batch and also the total. For some strange reason I am seeing for example a total of 30 transaction but when I click on transactions to view them there are only 18 transactions.

Have someone experienced this? And are there any solutions please?


Jorge Mejia responded on 21 Jun 2017 4:29 AM

One way to fix this issue is by printing the Edit List. Try this:

On the Sales Batch Entry window select the Print button
Select Form to Print 'Edit List'
On the Sales Document Print Options window select the Print button
On the Report Destination window select the OK button

Tim Wappat responded on 22 Jun 2017 3:35 AM


Thanks that is really helpful. I knew this could be done at the database level using SQL,

see but had not thought of using the Edit list to do it.