Hello Everyone,

Configuration NAV 2015 on-premises To CRM 2016 Online Whenever pull the data NAV Customer Card to Account Data stored successfully, whenever i try update data that time error are occurred all required field are mapping & CRM to NAV data updated successfully. only problem is Nav to CRM data updated that time issue facing.    

Map: NAV Customer Card to Account Source Item Key: {107D912A-F406-E611-80E1-C4346BC5B274}Customer: 001

Date: 21-Apr-16 1:47:17 AM

Severity: Warn

Last Retry Date: 21-Apr-16 1:47:31 AM

Retries: 1 attempts made Text: A validation error occurred. The value of 'addresstypecode' on record of type 'customeraddress' is outside the valid range. Mediation: 1: A required attribute was left blank. See the exception message for details. Add the appropriate value to the required attribute.