Workflows (Microsoft Dynamics NAV / Business Central)

Workflow module provides a platform to build instructions for automated commands. This functionality is for automating processes such as email, notifications, and approvals.

A workflow executes an action when an event occurs. Following are the elements of Workflow:

  • Event– what needs to trigger to activate the workflow
  • Condition– allows for specifying filters for records that the workflow will apply to
  • Response– one or more actions that the workflow will execute once the conditions have been met

When strung together, these workflow steps can supplement a wide range of activities and optimize business processes through automation.

Following is an example of workflows in action:

For any new Item being created in the system for Item category Chair, identify the need for approval before proceeding.

NAV/BC will then send the approver an approval request as per the approval user setup. Approver has option to approve, reject, or delegate the approval request.

Let’s deep dive in this process.

  1. Set up the Approval User Setup according to the company’s hierarchy, as shown in Figure

PATH: DepartmentsàAdministrationàApplication Setup àWorkflowàAdministration

, Alternatively it can be searched on the right top of Role Center. To get the details of the Fields, you can point on the caption.



Figure 1 – Approval user setup in Microsoft Dynamics NAV/Business Central 
Microsoft has added workflow templates so that common workflows can be easily enabled. See Figure 2 for a list of templates provided by Microsoft.

Figure 2 - Workflow templates available in Microsoft Dynamics NAV/Business Central

  1. The workflow can be accessed from Departments/Administration/Application Setup/Workflow/Workflow Templates, or Search on the right top of Role Center.
  2. To enable the workflow template for item approval, click on New Workflow from Template on the top left corner.
  3. Item approval entries need to be created when the Item Category is CHAIR (Condition). It will create a new record in the approval entry (Response). Enable the workflow, and its ready, as shown in Figure 3.


Figure 3 - Enable Workflow in Microsoft Dynamics NAV/Business Central

  1. To check this workflow, open the Item Card and filter the Item Category Code as CHAIR, then Send Approval request.

Figure 4 - Item card in Microsoft Dynamics NAV/Business Central



Click on Send Approval request



Click on Approvals to see Approval Entries


Figure 5 - Approval Entries in Microsoft Dynamics NAV/Business Central

Approval entries will be created, and the approver can view these entries in Document Approval Entries. The approver can view, approve, reject, or delegate the approval request, as shown in the Figure 5.


Figure 6 - Approval Entry Item Card
 in Microsoft Dynamics NAV/Business Central