I have a CRM Documents library in my SharePoint Online site https://dev.sharepoint.com/sites/derbysales

When trying to configure/enable the server-based SharePoint integration I get a "Validation Error" after entering the SP Site URL and clicking 'Next'.

The "Validation Error" error text is a hyperlink pointing to the following kb article: "Validation Error" when you try to configure server-based SharePoint integration for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and SharePoint Online.

The kb article describes that this error is caused by the fact that I probably have some SharePoint Document Locations with an absolute URL, but I don't. All my SharePoint Document Locations have a relative URL and have a parent site or parent document location. Only the default website has an absolute URL, but that is inevitable.

What could be causing this error? Are there any other known reasons for this error to occur?

Below are the screenshots: