Customer Account Statement

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I am facing problem with "Customer Account Statement" which is customized by a another developer. Now when I have made dome fields placement changes in report its giving error during the adding it to AOT. The error is as follow. Right now I am unable to deploy my changes in the report.

"Error 1 : Field token Fields!ShowBalance.Value is invalid. Could not find the identifier. \SSRS Reports\Reports\CustAccountStatementExt 0 0 CustAccountStatementExtReport


The another problem with this report is when I select some customer it did not give me the current customer report but it gives the report for the customer who's name was already selected and when I will get report preview again it will give me correct report.

For example customer code 1 was there and when I try to get the report for customer 2 it will give me customer 1 report and then I will close the report and again when I will get the report it will give me correct customer report.

Please help me to solve these issues.

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  • You are in a wrong forum, it's Dynamics GP forum not AX.