I understand the hierarchy of the Lead Time Calculation and have it set on my Item Card for my BOM. I created a Sales Order, then used Planning to create a Production Order from the Sales Order.

The Sales Order has a Requested Delivery date of 25Apr2018, Promised Delivery date of 27Apr2018, Line Shipment date of 25Apr2018, Line Planned Ship date of 26Apr2018, Line Planned Delivery date of 27Apr2018.

The parent item is Replenishment of Prod. Order, Manufacturing Policy of Make-to-Order, and Reorder Policy of Lot-for-Lot with Dampener Period of 2 Weeks, Safety Lead Time of 2 Days, Lot Accum. Period of 4 Weeks, and Rescheduling Period of 6 Weeks. Here are the two scenarios I tested:

  1. The Lead Time Calculation on the parent item is 1 Week, but several Components are not on hand, and the longest lead time on the Components is 2 Weeks. I would have expected the calculations to run backward from 27Apr2018 based on the Lead Time Calculations plus the Lead time and/or Routing time of the parent item (which would make the Production Start Date more like the 30Mar2018 range) . But the Production Order has a Start Date of 19Feb2018 and End Date of 20Apr2018.
  2. The Lead Time Calculation on the parent item is 1 Week, and if I receive all the Components to show them on hand, then the Production Order Start Date is 19Apr2018 and End Date of 20Apr2018. So these are not correctly following the Lead Time Calculation on the parent item either. Additionally, the Routing times would have a total of 5 Days and 4 Hours, so it doesn't seem to be following that for the parent item either (in the scenario where all components are in stock).

I have read several helpful blog posts on planning and did the setup based on the advice found, but I'm still getting unexpected planning dates. I have a few questions:

  1. Can anyone suggest what may be happening in my scenarios?
  2. Do components all have to be On Hand/In Stock in order for Planning to work on Production Orders?
  3. Are there other Planning considerations I should review?

Any assistance you can offer on this matter is greatly appreciated!