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Microsoft Dynamics GP New Feature Blog Series Schedule!

Terry R Heley Profile Picture Terry R Heley Microsoft Employee

Yep, you got it right, that is our NEW NAME - Microsoft Dynamics GP

It is time to get EXCITED for the release of Microsoft Dynamics GP!! AKA Dynamics GP October 2019 release.

Features in this Dynamics GP release are top features requested by YOU the customer, yep, we listened, we heard and we delivered.

There are four pillar areas for Microsoft Dynamics GP that we will focus on:

Top Feature Requests by our customers
Financial Enhancements
System Enhancements
Workflow Functionality

Each area has many features requested by our customers and partners.

With this release Microsoft Dynamics GP is moving to the Modern Lifecycle. Once you install this update or any update after this release you will be on the new modern lifecycle.
This is a good direction for us in GP land, trust me, have I led you astray yet? 

Let's get into the detail of each feature below and have some fun!

I encourage you to check out the Microsoft Dynamics GP Directory where you will find a wealth of information and links that are useful to you by version and learning by module.

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Microsoft Dynamics GP Feature of the Day

System requirement changes for the release of Microsoft Dynamics GP now supported:

Windows Server 2019, Microsoft SQL 2019 and Office 2019

Financial Enhancements

October 2 - Long Description for Payables Transaction Entry

October 3 - Expand Window Display for Fiscal Period Setup

October 4 - Display User who posted for Journal Entry Inquiry
October 8 - Add Class ID to Fixed Assets Transfer

October 9 - Document Attach available in Bank Reconciliation
October 10 - Visual Cue for EFT Vendor on Edit Payment Batch
October 11 - Show Check Number in Apply Sales Doc Window
October 15 - Added date options in SmartList: prior month/ prior period and next month/ next period



System Enhancements

October 16 - User Access Setup window adding Sort, Search and filter inactive options

October 17 - Copy Report options also allowing more than 32 Report Options in a Report Group



Top Feature Requests (voted by you)

October 18 - Filter Item Stock Inquiry by Date

October 22 - Exclude Inactive Items on Item Price List

October 23 - Minimize transaction when Go To is selected for PO that exists

October 24 - Save setting for Display new PO per user

October 25 - Inactive field added to Item SmartList

October 29 - Display User ID in Item Master table
October 30 - History drop-down defaults to the most recent year


Workflow Functionality - 4 new workflows!!

October 31 - User Workflow, User Security Workflow, Security Task Workflow, and Security Role Workflow

November 1 - Import and Export Workflow

November 5 - Change Approver for an Active Workflow Task
November 6 - Vendor Approval Workflow Submit on Hold or Doc Attach


Web Client (specific changes)

November 7 - Web client keyboard shortcuts

November 8 - Web client General Ledger copy and paste HUGE request


Human Resource & Payroll 

November 12 - Payroll option in Build window to exclude additional withholding

November 13 - Payroll Integration to payables Add Remit to Address field in setup

November 14 - Payroll Integration to payables new report to show what PIP transactions are created during build (optional turn on)

November 15 - Deduction/Benefit Quick Assignment functionality

November 19 - Exclude Inactive Records for Human Resource Benefit and Deduction look ups

November 20 - Employment History reason for change for all dates

November 21 - Reprint Pay Statements by Audit Trail Code



Enjoy the new release and have some FUN, Microsoft Dynamics GP lives on!

Terry Heley



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  • Lisa at Profile Picture Lisa at 2,965
    Posted at
    Thank you, Terry! Will we be seeing any news on Management Reporter compatibility with this GP release that includes Windows Server 2019 and SQL Server 2019?
  • Joseph Markovich Profile Picture Joseph Markovich 3,764
    Posted at
    AWESOME. Thanks Terry! This is great stuff!